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Mechanics & Control of Movement

Mechanics & Control Of Movement

Faculty who study Mechanics and Control of Movement are broadly interested in the forces that produce movement, how movement is organized for the performance of skilled actions, underlying neuromechanical process involved and potential consequences including injury.

Areas of specific focus include motor learning, biomechanics, physical and cognitive ergonomics, human factors, injury prevention, visual regulation of movement, gait, sensorimotor control, musculoskeletal anatomy and rehabilitation.

We use research methods and techniques such as magnetic resonance imaging, computer modeling, electromyography, motion analysis, transcranial magnetic stimulation, image-guided stimulators, eye-trackers, and three-dimensional motion capture to explore this field.

Information Box Group

A portrail of Peter Keir

Peter Keir

Professor; Associate Chair, Graduate Studies

A portrail of Dylan Kobsar

Dylan Kobsar

Associate Professor; Associate Chair, Research