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KINESIOL 4EE3: Professional Placement in Kinesiology

Course Description:

The Kinesiology Placement Course is founded on the Experiential, Self-Directed, and Service Learning literature. The placement experience provides the essential links between classroom learning and professional practice by offering students the opportunity to put theory into practice and to apply the “core” knowledge of the Kinesiology sub-disciplines in a real-life experience. Through the Kinesiology Placement course, students will further develop their leadership abilities, communication and problem solving skills, and strengthen their civic responsibility through service in the broader community.

The Kinesiology Placement course involves a partnership between three parties – the student, the course professor, and the placement agency. For the placement agency, the student brings energy and enthusiasm, and a commitment toward the agency meeting its objectives. For the student, the placement provides opportunities for learning that typically does not occur in a regular classroom setting, while offering a professional orientation to a field of study that may expand career choices. For the professor, the course serves as a link to community agencies that provide leadership in sport and physical activity, deliver activity based service programs to the broader population, and offer rehabilitation services for clients requiring specialized care.

Form Deadlines:

Students should attempt to set up their placement for the term prior to enrollment.

Students must submit their completed KINESIOL 4EE3 Enrollment Application and Safety Orientation Checklist forms to the Undergraduate Studies, Academic Program Advisor via email to or in IWC 219C, 30-days prior to the start of the term and enroll prior to the first day of class. For placements external to McMaster please also submit the Letter to Placement Employers and Student Declaration of Understanding.

  • For the upcoming Fall term, placements should be confirmed by August 1
  • For the Winter term, placements should be confirmed by December 1

All required forms for the KINESIOL 4EE3 placement, including additional forms for placements external to McMaster, can be found Forms for Undergraduate Students page.

Please Note: Although forms can be submitted past their due date (but before the start of the term), it is strongly encouraged that all students set up their placement prior to the school year as registration in the course in limited and the course tends to fill up quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions about KINESIOL 4EE3

Yes. It is the student’s responsibility to find their own placement prior to submitting forms. This requires research into potential placements and planning for your placement before the deadlines for forms.

You must approach a potential placement supervisor and ask if they are willing to supervise you as a student. This may entail an introductory phone call and/or email and a follow up meeting to ensure the placement is an appropriate one for you and for the KINESIOL 4EE3 course. You are required to make the potential supervisor aware of their role and responsibilities in this course. Your placement can be within McMaster, or in a clinical setting off-campus, however, must be approved by the Academic Program Advisor and Course Coordinator.

The deadlines mentioned above are recommended for the corresponding semesters. Please note that the August 1 deadline is strongly encouraged for all semesters of the upcoming school year.

You must fulfil the placement requirement of completing a minimum of 60 hours during the semester. Hours completed prior to the school year cannot count towards placement hours. Your supervisor must be able to meet with you regularly, provide ongoing feedback and complete all evaluation forms by their deadlines.

Note: Some placements require more than the minimum 60 hours. You are required to see your placement through to completion, regardless if you have achieved your 60 hours already, as per our agreement with your supervisor at the start of the placement.


Yes. You must complete your placement at the time you are taking the course. Past or future opportunities cannot count towards the course hours.

KINESIOL 4EE3 can only be taken once and thus, cannot be taken for a total of 6 units.

Yes, as long as each placement is different. Instructor permission is required.

Once you have submitted the approval forms by the deadline, the Academic Program Advisor will enter the permission to allow you to register in the course on your MOSAIC account.

MOSAIC will not allow you to register in conflicting courses. You are required to attend all lecture components of the course.